Company History

DSCN8081Garcia-Chicoine Enterprises, Inc. was incorporated in January of 1980 by B. N. Garcia, President, and John C. Chicoine, Vice President. Mr. Garcia was previously employed with Beall Construction and Mr. Chicoine with Concrete Industries.

Together their partnership for over 20 years lead Garcia-Chicoine Enterprises, Inc. to great diversification, specializing in the Heavy Highway Construction Industry In 1989, a partnership with The Lamar Corporation began. Lamar Corporation formed NE Logos, Inc. NE Logos, Inc. operates the Nebraska Department of Transportation Informational and Business signage program within the Right-of-Way of the Interstate and the Primary Highway Systems.

To date, Garcia-Chicoine Enterprises, Inc. is still involved with the installation and maintenance of these structures.

In 1990, Garcia-Chicoine Enterprises, Inc. purchased Midwest Machinery & Supply Co. Inc., a tool supply firm located at 22nd & Y St. Lincoln, NE. The previous owners were Robert Jaques and Harold Hartrick. Garcia-Chicoine’s corporate offices moved to 1118 N. 22nd St. as a result of this purchase. In 1995, Midwest Machinery & Supply Co. Inc., expanded its operations to include a guardrail supply division. This division of Midwest Machinery & Supply Co. Inc. operates from the Northeast Corner of the Milford, NE & I-80 interchange. Midwest Machinery & Supply Co. Inc. supplies guardrail materials to installers in Nebraska & Kansas. The tool supply division was sold in 1999.

Mr. Garcia retired in June of 2000. Garcia-Chicoine Enterprises, Inc. was removed from the NDOT’s and KDOT’s Disadvantaged Business Enterprise Program upon his retirement. Mr. Garcia helped mold the NDOT’s current DBE Program to its successes over the last 35 years. He continues to serve on the NDOT’s DBE Certification Review Committee. Upon Mr. Garcia’s retirement, Mr. Chicoine assumed the role as President. Tyler J. Chicoine, previously employed by Union Bank & Trust Co., joined the firm’s Management Team in June of 2000. Tyler serves as the firms Vice President and now handles the day to day operations/management of the Company.

With deepest respect and gratitude, we honor Nick Garcia upon his passing.
9/20/1925 – 2/22/2017

Chicoine Leasing, LLC was formed in 2009. The Company’s primary area of focus is in Real Estate Investments. In 2010, Garcia-Chicoine Enterprises, Inc., combined its firms divisions under one roof and completed construction of its current corporate office located on the Northeast corner of the Milford, NE and I-80 Interchange.

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