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Garcia-Chicoine Enterprises, Inc. was incorporated in January of 1980 by B. N. Garcia, President, and John C. Chicoine, Vice President. Mr. Garcia was previously employed with Beall Construction and Mr. Chicoine with Concrete Industries.Together their partnership for over 20 years lead Garcia-Chicoine Enterprises, Inc. to great diversification, specializing in the Heavy Highway Construction Industry In 1989, a partnership with The Lamar Corporation began. Lamar Corporation formed NE Logos, Inc. NE Logos, Inc. operates the Nebraska Department of Transportation Informational and Business signage program within the Right-of-Way of the Interstate and the Primary Highway Systems.To date, Garcia-Chicoine Enterprises, Inc. is still involved with the installation and maintenance of these structures.


To execute our contacts with the utmost Skill, Quality, Integrity and Responsibility to continually be acknowledged as one of the paramount firms in our industry


  • Guardrail Installation
  • Bridge Rehab
    • Deck, Bridge Rail, Abutments & Joints
    • Overlays; Thin Layer Concrete, Silica Fume & Polymer Epoxy
  • MSE Structures
  • Rumble Strips
  • Sign Erection
  • NE Logos
  • Midwest Machinery & Supply Co
  • Chicoine Leasing, LLC


P.O. Box 703
974 238th Rd.
Milford NE 68405

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